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Quality Control software can be annoying and difficult to use

Most quality control software is cumbersome and difficult to use. From setting up testing parameters to creating benchmarks, it can be a challenge to get things right. 

Not to mention third-party software doesn’t have direct access to your NetSuite data for real-time reporting.

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QC software - so simple it’s genius.

We know that quality control software doesn’t need to be cumbersome to be great; in fact, the more intuitive the better. And that’s precisely what we’ve built for you. 

The blendAPPS Quality Control SuiteApp extends NetSuite’s robust item management capabilities, which means you can quickly and easily define required tests, set control limits by product, and generate Certificates of Analysis – directly in your NetSuite account. 

  • Configure inbound raw materials and/or manufactured goods to require QC inspections before being consumed or shipped. 
  • Perform detailed analysis of historical QC results directly in NetSuite or export your data for external analysis. 
  • Generate and distribute rich Certificates of Analysis to certify your QC results to your customers. 
  • Eliminate multiple systems and spreadsheets to make NetSuite your single source of the truth. 

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