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Traditional manufacturing processes are holding you back

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In the ever-expanding nutraceutical & pharmaceutical industries, limitations of traditional manufacturing processes and software can hold you back. You see possibilities for capturing more market share through creative delivery systems including gummies, liquid supplements, and direct supplements. 

Yet, the challenge lies in the process of testing and consistently producing these alternatives at scale while keeping profitability at the forefront.

Your Keys to Innovation and Business Growth

blendAPPS is your answer to evolving with the industry’s dynamic rhythm. Our sophisticated solutions empower you to design different formulas, optimize their cost or potency, and package them in myriad ways. You not only enjoy a systematic, efficient production lifecycle but also increase your product diversity while reducing your time-to-market. Your competitors simply won’t be able to keep up.

Imagine, reaching the market quickly, delighting customers, and growing your market share. With our technology, you can easily design new formulations and receive real-time forecasted costing information. Your packaging options increase too, whether you choose liquid gels, pills, or gummies. 

We Have Your Mission in Focus

We understand your ambition to innovate and be admired in your space. As experienced hands in process manufacturing, we appreciate your struggle in designing new formulations and pursuing profitable, consistent production. That’s why we built blendAPPS, your tool for unrivaled precision, control, and efficiency. With us, your innovation journey becomes a smooth sail to increased profitability and market share.

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blendAPPS is Fully Embedded into NetSuite

This ain’t your run-of-the-mill plug-in we’re talking about. Nope, we’re talking about unleashing the efficiency beast through some seriously fully-connected software.

So, the path to efficiency begins and ends with fully connected software. Gone are the days when your manufacturing system doesn’t know about inventory, R&D is done in spreadsheets, and the inability to create a single report that has both finance and production data. Since blendAPPS is embedded directly into your NetSuite instance, there is a single source of truth that looks, feels, and works just like the rest of the platform.

Say goodbye to those hair-pulling days! By streamlining the design, production, and inspection of products, you can expedite production processes, reduce errors, and ensure consistency. 

This improves your competitive advantage through faster time-to-market for new products and enhanced overall product quality: no more fragmented data, and no more disjointed systems.

We believe in offloading complex and repetitive tasks to software so that your team can focus on improving and growing your business.

Here are just a few places where we can help:

  • Designing new products against target specifications
  • Managing families of products, from formula to intermediate to finished good
  • Calculating estimated cost, including “what if” analysis
  • Displaying inline manufacturing instructions
  • Complete unit-of-measure flexibility
  • Batch manufacturing similar demands based on customer or stock requirements
  • Quality inspections for incoming materials and finished goods, including Certificate of Analysis generation
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