Easy Label Printing with NiceLabel Cloud Directly from NetSuite

Ditch the Workarounds—Just Connect, Click & Print for $1,999/year

You are wasting time with manual workarounds

Using NiceLabel and NetSuite together can be tricky and third-party integrations require manual data entry or middleware. All these workarounds can lead to errors and are not very efficient.

Third-party integrations waste time.

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Print on-demand in real-time directly from NetSuite

The NiceLabel Cloud Printing SuiteApp enables you to print your labels from inside NetSuite. You can even use your existing NiceLabel templates. It’s easy to setup and simple to use.

  • Click & Print on demand—Directly From NetSuite
  • Access all of your existing label templates
  • A Light & Breezy Integration

Plus, blendAPPS is an authorized NiceLabel partner.

Print more efficiently - today!

3 easy steps to bring
NiceLabel SuiteApp
inside NetSuite

Sign Up

Sign up online to get the NiceLabel SuiteApp

Quick Setup

Quick, straightforward setup directly in NetSuite - no middleware required.

Click & Print

Access all of your existing label templates and print on demand in real time.


Yes! Your license includes the ability to install and run the SuiteApp in all of your NetSuite accounts. (Technically it is all accounts that share the same account ID.  So if your production account is 123456 and your sandbox is 123456-SB1 then they can both install the SuiteApp.  If another subsidiary has a separate instance of NetSuite with a different account ID then a second license would be required).

Field Mappings can only access the body level of a record, which means it can reach down as far as the subtabs, but not into the sublists. The only exception to this is when printing Item sublist information from a transaction.  Your Netsuite administrator or implementation partner may be able to create a custom field on the body level that sources this value through a saved search, workflow, or SuiteScript.

Alternatively, you can print any data that you’d like by creating a print job programmatically.

This is because at least one item in the transaction is lot numbered, and needs to know which items are coming from which lot. This is accessed through the Inventory Detail button in the item fields sublist on the Print Job.

We have the ability to push updates to your production account, but not to your sandbox. You need to update SuiteApps manually in the sandbox in order to have the latest update.

"Blend’s knowledgeable staff helped walk us through this setup and go live.
A huge thank you to the team for always being available in a timely manner and for their support."
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Connect NiceLabel and NetSuite quickly & easily

Full integration with NetSuite and NiceLabel means you can print your labels with a single click.

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