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Managing all of your recipes & formulas is challenging

When managing formulas or recipes, it can be a challenge to deliver a quality product on a consistent basis. As your orders grow, miscalculating larger or smaller recipes can lead to unpredictable results. Plus, it’s not just the raw materials that go into creating the product but component yield, labour, overhead and packaging all have to be factored into your cost. 

Miscalculations can result in low-quality products.

Not to mention the risk of simple human error! 

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Formula & Recipe Management from blendAPPS delivers the consistency you need

At blendAPPS, we know you want to provide a quality product to your clients while minimizing  waste – all within your current NetSuite environment. Our Formula and Recipe Management software allows you to seamlessly work in multiple units of measure, track manufacturing instructions, and establish component yield for any component or packaging requirement.

With built-in checks and balances, you’ll dramatically reduce errors, all while allowing staff to take advantage of pre-programmed formulas. With permission settings for creating or modifying recipes, you can even avoid making mistakes!

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Our powerful formula and recipe management SuiteApp is also one of the only tools of its kind that allows you to configure it to fit your unique requirements. Plus, when used with our latest SuiteApp, Formula Designer, it enables you to scale up and instantly generate formulas against set parameters.

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