Create Custom Formulas Based on Target Specifications

Fast Formulations, More Margin.

Optimizing a formula can be time-consuming & difficult

Formulating a new product involves a significant amount of trial and error. Ensuring the final product remains within budget and hits all of the customer’s specifications is complicated. The abundance of potential components can make it difficult to know that you arrived at the optimal solution.

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Formula Designer is fully embedded into your NetSuite

At blendAPPS, we understand that our customers value simplicity and want to work directly inside NetSuite. Our solution provides you access to NetSuite’s item and costing data, so any of your items can be considered as an ingredient. Moreover, because blendAPPS is embedded in your NetSuite account, all the data is readily available for searching and reporting purposes. We’re here to support you in streamlining your product development process while leveraging the full capabilities of NetSuite.

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Connect Formula Designer to your NetSuite account quickly & easily

Formula Designer empowers you to establish parameters, conduct “what-if” cost analysis, and perform instant optimization based on cost or potency. Delivered as a SuiteApp, Formula Designer is fully embedded into your NetSuite instance, granting you complete access to all inputs and outputs. Having all of your inventory, costing, and product development tools in a single system significantly boosts your operational efficiency. Geek out and make the most of Formula Designer’s prowess within your NetSuite environment!

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