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Properly documenting all the details is difficult & time-consuming

Green barrel with HAZMAT warning, more blue drums in background

A common concern for chemical manufacturers & distributors is HAZMAT compliance. Properly documenting each item’s weights and measures, hazard class, packing group, and shipping description can be difficult and time-consuming. And what if you’re shipping by water or to another country with different requirements? You need documentation that’s accurate and simple to generate.

Rise Above Industry Challenges with blendAPPS

blendAPPS saves you time and money by reducing clicks and automating the generation and distribution of regulatory documents.

After spending years in the chemical business, plus our combined expertise as NetSuite users, we realized that there were thousands of companies just like us. We put all of our experiences together and developed blendAPPS after realizing the critical need for process manufacturing support inside of NetSuite.

The Key to Chemical Process Manufacturing

3 easy steps to bring
Your Process Manufacturing
inside NetSuite

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Embrace the Power of blendAPPS with these Benefits

Imagine being able to optimize your production processes with precision leading to increased profitability and better quality control.

You’re already using NetSuite’s best-in-class financials to manage your business – why not do the same for your manufacturing team? Give your manufacturing processes the same love with blendAPPS’s embedded SuiteApps. 

Take your business to the next level to be the perfect example of efficiency and innovation. Be the envy of your competition.

We believe in offloading complex and repetitive tasks to software so that your team can focus on improving and growing your business. There are many tasks that blendAPPS can assist with:

  • Faster new product development
  • Boost profits with better costing visibility
  • Simplify complex recipe and formula management
  • Improved product quality
  • Dead simple HAZMAT compliance
  • Seamlessly embedded into NetSuite for complete transparency
  • Designing new products against target specifications
  • Managing families of products, from formula to intermediate to finished good
  • Calculating estimated cost
  • Displaying inline manufacturing instructions
  • Transacting in multiple units of measure
  • Batch manufacturing
  • Quality inspections for incoming materials and finished goods
  • Certificate of Analysis generation
  • Safety Data Sheet Management
  • Label printing

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