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R&D trial and error is tricky and time consuming

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Whether you’re making fertilizer, animal feed, or pet food, margins are tight and supply chains are volatile. You need to understand the impact of raw material cost fluctuations. 

Is the current formulation still viable? Do you need to find a new vendor? Or is it time to re-formulate?

You need to know how ingredient pricing changes are impacting your products and it would be great to be able to run your own “what-if” scenarios too.

Your Partner in Conquering Complexity

With blendAPPS, your data speaks to you because it’s all on the same platform – from accounting to inventory to manufacturing. With a single click, you can see the cost impact on an entire product family (from formulation to intermediates and finished goods) when any ingredient experiences a price change. You can even perform your own “what-if” analysis to predict the future cost of your products.

Free yourself from the relentless trial and error process of new product development. blendAPPS can do the work for you to find the optimum solution to your formulation requirements. Optimize your new recipe based on price, potency, or density, and convert your design into a manufacturable item in seconds. Speed and power like this drive down your time to market and maximize your profitability.

At blendAPPS, we understand the challenge of delivering consistent and profitable products. Our software provides you with a roadmap through the maze of R&D and production complexities. With our established authority in process manufacturing, we’re the trusted partner you need to navigate your operational challenges.

We’ve helped agriculture manufacturers overcome these inefficiencies and experience improved margins and product quality.

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Embrace the Power of blendAPPS with these Benefits

Product cost and quality define your success in the agriculture sector. So why should the most important drivers live in different systems? With blendAPPS, all of your data lives side-by-side on the same platform, giving you visibility across your entire business.

Add in our ongoing support and continuous product updates and you have a recipe for success.

Feel confident you have the right software solution doing the heavy lifting for you!

  • Increased competitive advantage by reducing time to market
  • Simplified creation and management of product families
  • Boost profits with real-time estimated costing 
  • Optimized production process through batch manufacturing 
  • Better product control through ingrained QC testing
  • Seamlessly embedded within NetSuite for complete data transparency & reporting
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