Michael Cairns, Co founder of Blend ERP smiling at camera, leaning on bookshelf with window behind

Hi! We are Mark Baker & Michael Cairns, the founders of blendAPPS.

We know what it’s like to be responsible for selecting the right platform and the right partner. Getting it wrong means delays, unexpected costs, and not having the right features. Or, never going live at all.

We know. We’ve lived it too.

Mark Baker Blend ERP co-founder smiling at camera on a white background

Developed by NetSuite users for NetSuite users

Your experience with blendAPPS is guided by that of our team and our other customers. We are continuously improving our products & we want to ensure you get the most out of it today and long into the future.

Blend ERP team meeting
Customer Success team in meetings with laptops open to NetSuite.

Operating with integrity and respect

At blendAPPS, we are true to our Canadian roots and you’ll find that we are friendly, down-to-earth folks. And if you’re ever in town, we’ll grab a double-double together, eh?

"Blend’s knowledgeable staff helped walk us through this setup and go live.
A huge thank you to the team for always being available in a timely manner and for their support."
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We know the secret to process manufacturing

We’ve helped process manufacturers of all sizes, from pre-revenue to hundreds of millions in annual revenue. Overcoming issues of change management, increasing margins, and improving product and process consistency is what we do.

After spending years in the chemical business, plus our combined expertise as NetSuite users, we realized that there were thousands of companies just like us. We put all of our experiences together and developed blendAPPS after realizing the critical need for process manufacturing support inside NetSuite.

We didn’t outsource it. We didn’t give the idea to another software company to develop. Instead, we built our team to deliver what we knew the industry needed.

From our developers to our support team and our delivery partners, we are committed to helping you maximize the value of your NetSuite investment. We want you to have increased visibility into your data and more control over your operations.